Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Task 8:

Lets do a different task now. You must have heard of Swine flu virus that has spread in Mexico and a few other nations. There are reports available in BBC news. All that you need to do is to read the reports that talk about the preventive measures taken by different nations. Prepare a checklist of preventive measures to be taken to protect our nation. Remember the quetions have to be close ended (ie) in Yes/No pattern.
Post your response in a day or two.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Task 7

Don't you admire great personalities, whom you have come across or about whom you have heard of in your life? Write a few lines about the unique aspects that you admire most in them. In other words, specify what made them achieve something in life.
Once you complete, underline the 'adjectives' you have used to describe the personality of the great man. Post your response before this Thursday.

Task 6 A

Go back to your questions and point out the 'propositions' which you have used in your questions.

Task 6: Grammar Activities

Try to apply your knowledge of English grammar in few tasks.
The activity goes like this:
Imagine your friend hides your textbook somewhere. Ask him as many questions as you can to find out the book. Remember, there are few rules to be observed.
1. Ask close ended questions eg.- Is it on the table?
2. you need to frame at least 5 to 6 questions-imagine your friend gives a negative reply for most of the questions.
post your questions and go to the next related task.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I appreciate the efforts taken by each one of you. This task is meant for sharing your learning experiences. I will appreciate if you retrospect and write about what you have learnt, particularly the technical vocabulary and expressions learnt by doing the tasks. You can also share your feelings about the tasks ie its difficulty level, challenges posed by them and the feasibility in doing them.
I expect your response at the earliest.

Task-5: Language learning

Having done four tasks related to various topics, I would appreciate if you could retrospect what you have learnt. Look at the language elements such as technical vocabulary learnt, expressions you could grasp.
Post your response before this weekend.