Thursday, March 5, 2009

Task 4: Pixel and Technology

Do you know that Pixels form part of the latest technology? This task is aimed at creating an awareness of the use of pixels in technological tools.
Follow the instructions as given below:
Find out
  1. how a digital camera, TV, your mobile and other electronic items display pictures.
  2. how do pixels bring the difference between the size of the electronic device and the display of a picture. ie Does the size of an electronic device have a bearing on the display effect of the picture?
  3. how Pixels promote web designing or how the process of web designing is done.

Suggested activities:

  • ask either staff members or senior students of IT department for details relating to the above mentioned queries
  • present the points in your own words clearly
  • contribute points on the process of web designing by accessing information from the net or books.

Post your information by the end of this week.