Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This blog is a part of an online project conducted with the aim of developing reading and writing skills among students (apart from technical vocabulary).Its broad objectives are
  • to motivate students to do the tasks as a group and share ideas
  • to encourage them to read and also write in English relating to the topic of discussion

since you (students) are the target audience, I invite you to do the following tasks as a group. let me provide you the steps:

  1. access the following web sites.
  2. work as a group to discuss points
  3. share your ideas relating to the impact of technology on society (based on what you have read) and the vocabulary you have learnt
  4. prepare points and post those points in the blog you create as a group.

The steps involved in creating a blog are:

  • access www.blogger.com
  • click on 'create a blog'
  • follow the three steps. a. provide necessary details like the blog name, the url and others b. select the template and c. start posting ideas

your blog will be accessed in two days and the individual performance will be evaluated.

Now access the follwoing web sites and do as specified above.