Monday, February 16, 2009

Task 2

Have you written a report before? What is a Survey report? It is nothing but a report that is written after conducting a survey. Its a part of a research work. Would you be interested in learning the way to write it?
Access the follwoing URL addresses and find out the way. A sample report is also given in one of the web sites.
All that you need to do is to go through them and think of some survey which you could do.
How about a survey of the number of people (your own classmates) who have mobile phones with all the facilities? Follow the following steps:
  1. Go round as a group and ask your friends and classmates whether they have a mobile with facilities attached.
  2. ask them the purpose of having such a mobile and what have they done with those facilities for example with a camara and others.
  3. collect the data.
  4. compile them and sit together to discuss your data with group members
  5. follow the survey report format and prepare a report as a group

You need to post it by this weekend.

Stick to the deadline.

Happy Blogging!