Sunday, March 18, 2012

Corporate Culture

It refers to "the values, beliefs and tradition in a company which influence the behavior of its staff. It is important for job-seekers to know about the culture of an organization before accepting the job." Benchmark (Whitby, 2006).
Corporate culture deals with the relationship between staff & management, between colleagues, company traditions, dress code and how an office space is organized. It also refers to the working environment provided.
Think about the following points and give your opinion .
Do you think a company has to

  • offer flexible hours.
  • give employees their own work space ie a suitable infrastructure.
  • provide internet access for their employees.
  • offer training to its employees.
  • have a workforce with different types of people.
  • have rules about what its employees can wear.
Do you know to collocate a word i.e to group a word with another? Try to match a suitable word on the left column with that on the right, to get collocations of words.
1. pay                   a proposal
2. create               a meeting
3. pool                 our ideas
4. put forward      a solution
5. hold                 attention
6. reach               an opportunity
7. come up with   your full potential
8. challenging       atmosphere
9. rewarding        work
10. close             resource
11. friendly         partnership
12. competitive   contact
13. valuable        price.
Complete the above tasks within two days (from the day you access).