Monday, March 12, 2012

Introduction to Social Networking Module

Social Networking to Enhance Language Learning

Overall Objectives:
The module is prepared
  • To train students in all the four skills of English.
  • To expose them to the use of social networking sites such as Facebook , Blog and Twitter.
  • To promote learning through social networking sites.
  • To train them for BEC preliminary exams.
  • To prepare students for facing the corporate world.
  • To expose them to various organizational structures.
  • To promote business vocabulary among students.
  • To provide inputs on softskills.

Dear students,
Having created an account in, follow the steps to create an account in the Twitter blog and facebook. You will get inputs in facebook and twitter. The tasks would be given in the blog.

1.      Creating a Blog

If you have a gmail account it is easy to create a Blog.
You need to follow three steps to create it.
  1. Click on Twitter Blog and provide a name for your Blog.
  2. Create a URL, which would help you to post messages.
  3. Choose a template to your blog.

Once you create the Blog, please give your URL to the teacher.
2. Creating an account in Facebook
This account could be created with the help of either yahoo or gmail account.
  1. Sign up in facebook and give a username and password.
  2. Make a note of it to access it every time.

Things to remember till the completion of this study:
  1. Follow the instruction given by the teacher.
  2. Stick to the time to complete the task given to you.
  3. Access your Twitter account to see my postings.
  4. Access the link ‘webbased lesson via twitter’ to access the tasks.
  5. Complete the tasks on your Blog.
  6. Inform the teacher about your posting.
  7. Give your feedback to the teacher about the difficulty level of the task.